Research and programme evaluation projects

The external evaluation of the HEPScreen project (EU Health Programme 2008-2013)

2011-2012 The external outcome evaluation of the Club Health Project – a Healthy and Safer Nightlife of Youth, FP7 (Promote Health, HP-2008)

2011 ​The outcome evaluatin of the ’Mértékletesség’ harm reduction campaign carried out ​by Kék Pont Outpatient Counselling Centre

2011 ​The outcome evaluation of an online game promoting responsible drinking by Dréher ​Breweries („Önismereti játék Talmával”)

2011 The development of a needs assessment and programme evaluation methods for Hungarian drug treatment centres. TÁMOP prioroty project No-5.4.1-08/1-2009-0002

2009 ​The evaluation of the Hungarian methadone maintenance programmes
2009 The developement of a tool to evaulate the operations of a controlled injection site in ​Budapest

2008 ​Measuring the impact of HCV consulting sessions among intravenuous drug users in ​Budapest

2008 ​Evaluating the impact of the ’Treatment Alternative to Prison’ among illicit substance ​users in Kék Pont outpatient centre